51 US Route 1
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

34 Acre Site with 530 Unit Multi-Family Residential Apartment Building,
190 townhome units, 32,000 SF of Retail Space & 15,000 SF of Restaurant Space

Contract Amount: $4.9 Million (Phase I)
Year: 2023

51 US Route 1 comprises an approximate 34 acre site with a 530 unit multi-family residential apartment building, 190 townhome units, 32,000 SF of retail space, and 15,000 SF of restaurant space. The utilization of our GPS model in our smart control dozers got this project to subgrade in record time. Specific challenges have been deep drainage excavations that required trench boxes and meeting and beating strict deadlines. We also milled the asphalt and crushed the concrete and debris from on site demolition. Our portion of the project for the first phase is valued at $4.9 million.