1011 Morris Ave

Union, NJ 07083

Blocks A&B Infrastructure & Site Demolition Crushing Concrete

Contract Amount: $6.5 Million
Year: 2017-2019

Block A: 415 Unit Multi-Family Residential Apartment Complex and Clubhouse

Contract Amount: $1.9 Million
Year: 2018-2019

Block B: Three Retail Buildings Comprising 35,000 SF

Contract Amount: $1.1 Million
Year: 2018-2019

Block C, F & D: Current

One of our largest projects to date, this project had six phases. Deep installation of 60” reinforced concrete pipe 23’ in the ground was our toughest challenge on this job. Mass excavation of the area as well as working with high arc trench boxes and using a special pipe lifter helped us install this pipe as efficiently as possible.